Shirts. Dresses. Robots.
Yes, you CAN automate your apparel fulfillment with AI Robotics!

Robots are in Fashion! Many parts of your fulfillment process have traditionally been manual-only. Not any more. AI Robotics can now help automate apparel handling in your warehouse, reducing costs and increasing throughput.

Automated handling of apparel poses a unique set of challenges due to transparent/polybag packaging, deformable form factor, high SKU turnover, etc. AI-powered robots, however, are uniquely suited to overcome these challenges and help unlock new efficiencies in your warehouse operations.

Join us for this 30-minute webinar to quickly learn how to automate previously-manual applications within your fulfillment center, including:

• Batch picking, putwalls, put-to-light
• Goods-to-person systems
• Sorter & conveyor induction

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Our AI Robotics Experts

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Akash Shah
Product Manager


Anu Saha
Head of Product Marketing


Discover how to automate your apparel fulfillment process